Rooted Power


Juliet Root

Board certified integrative health coach, CHC

“Our deepest wounds are the entry points to our greatest freedom.”

Meet your Coach

Hi! I’m Juliet Root and ever since I was a little girl I have been on a quest to understand the inner workings of human beings and what makes them either stray away from their magic or fully embody it, to live a purpose driven life.

Having gone through many hardships for my first 20 years of life, I found myself in multiple dark nights of the soul, left to really face my own traumas, fears and limiting beliefs. As I started to deeply understand all that had happened to me and the purpose of it, I began a quest of healing and reclaiming myself. This took me into a tremendous exploration of the self. My awakening journey unfolded and I found myself asking the BIG life questions: “Who am I? and Why am I here?”

After years of low self esteem, eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks and never feeling good enough I was finally able to clear out the noise and rise into the woman and healer that I was truly meant to be.

It began by looking through the lens of the physical body and how one can use exercise to move stuck energy, foster confidence and build resilience. This led me to my first career as a personal trainer and fitness studio owner.

From there I went on to study integrative and functional nutrition to better support my clients and have them feel an abundance of health and vitality. As I began my private nutrition practice, there was a natural unfolding of seeing the parallels of how one nourishes themselves not only through food, but emotionally and spiritually and how they are all interconnected.

I knew I had to take a more holistic approach when working with people to create lifelong change that sticks. Throughout my years of working on myself, I found that energy healing and hypnotherapy was able to provide shifts much quicker than any other modalities that I had personally experienced.

I went on to study and become an integrative healing coach so that I could incorporate these incredible tools into my sessions. I have had the great pleasure of studying and mentoring under incredible healers and teachers all over the world. In my sessions I use a variety of methods, which include self-inquiry, mindfulness, meditation, hypnotherapy and energy healing work.

This combination of working with the body, mind and spirit has catapulted my clients, allowing them to unlock their full potential. Health is so much more than diet and exercise. It is multifaceted and provides us insight into our soul’s journey. Rooted Power coaching is an opportunity to Release, Reconnect & Reclaim Your Power.

Hear from my happy clients: